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Basic Needs Program
Provides assistance with food, shelter/housing, transportation, work clothing, and utilities. For ex-offenders and veterans, it provides payment for the fee associated with ordering birth certificates and acquiring a driver's license and/or state identification card.
Holding Hands
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Mentoring Program
Matches the client (as a mentee) with a mentor to provide one-on-one ongoing support in every area the client needs assistance.
Financial & Computer Literacy Program
Provides a basic computerized financial curriculum that entails 11 different lessons in financial sustainability and education in the activities of daily living.  A certificate is provided after each lesson.
Buying a House
Housing/Homeless Prevention Program
The primary purpose of this program is to prevent homelessness and/or to intervene if homelessness occurs.  It includes providing financial assistance to help with security deposits, first month’s rent, and any primary service that will eliminate the threat of homelessness.  In addition to providing housing, support services under this nonprofit will also be available to clients.
Ex-offender Workforce Development Program
This program consists of the nonprofit reaching out to community employers and developing  partnerships and collaborations to gain stable employment for clients. Criminal backgrounds are barriers to gainful employment, and employers need to be educated on how to dismiss their prejudices against ex-offenders. We work with the client to prepare them for interviews and show them how to successfully gain the employer's confidence, so they will be the best candidate for the job. This program works in collaboration with our Employment Assistance Program.
Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
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Employment Assistance Program
Provides direct employment preparation services to the client in the areas of resume preparation, mock interviews, dress-for-success, self-marketing, job maintenance, and work-based training.
Family Reunification Services
This program works in collaboration with the Mentoring Program. The mentor establishes the connection to reunite the client with family members and/or children. This is strictly a volunteer service between the family and the client, and the mentor will serve as a third-party intervention to assist with arranging positive and constructive meetings between all parties.  
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Community Service Program
Provides opportunities for clients to complete obligated community service hours.  It is also available to provide agencies with community service hours for other individuals in the community.
Pre- GED Support
 We provide individualized tutoring for individuals in preparation for taking the GED exam or entering GED classes. Each student has unique needs and we tailor our lessons to meet those needs.

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