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About Us

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Keith Williams

Founder & CEO

Our founder, Mr. Keith Williams, experienced first-hand what it is like to risk it all and lose it all with minimal support. Mr. Williams served 4 years in the United States military. In 2003 he found himself homeless, jobless, and carless. During this hard time, he experienced challenge after challenge just to cover his basic necessities. The referrals he received from the VA were either too far to travel to without a car or overbooked, which still left him homeless. The homeless shelter was nearby, but he was afraid that his belongings would be stolen, or he would not be able to rest without being disturbed.

Family and friends were of no help; all they offered was judgement. Many would assume that veterans have a lot of help, but Mr. Williams said, “When I was going through it, I didn't see those resources.”

Mr. Williams was in complete disbelief of what was happening in his life; he even experienced suicidal thoughts.

But one day, a stranger offered some hope by allowing him to sleep on the floor of her apartment for $65 a week, which left him with $72 a week to take care of his basic necessities.


When I was going through it, I didn't see those resources.

This is what led to the founding of our organization. In April of 2020 the Virginia Coalition For Community Development was born.


Our vision is to solve the immediate housing need of veterans, ex-offenders, and other underserved populations in Richmond and surrounding counties. 

As we continue to grow, we are looking to partner with people and organizations whose mission and vision are in alignment with ours. Connect with us to see how we can better serve our community together.

Partner With Us

Meet The Board

Conference Room
Joy Busch.jpg

Joy Busch

Board Vice President

(Case Manager local nonprofit)

Administrative position in this nonprofit is Adm. Assistant/Case Manager

Monica Lattimore.jpg

Monica Lattimore

Board Secretary

(Employed as a physician's  assistant in the Veteran Administration Company) Mentor position with this nonprofit

Tobius Simmons.jpg

Tobius Simmons

Board Member

Business Mentor

Judith Martin.jpg

Judith Martin

Board Treasurer

(Employed as a Payroll Secretary for the Board of Education) Financial Literacy Instructor

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